Our Expertise

Our customers have high standards,
so ours are even higher!

Adona stands for perfection, quality, honesty and affordability! Having their own manufacturing unit lets Adona create your dream jewellery at a price that’s up to 20% lesser than that of a retailer. It also ensures quality check at every point from coal to your finger assuring you conflict free, perfect bespoke diamond jewellery. Handcrafted at Adona Studios, their diamond jewellery is truly one of a kind. The Adona designers work with customers individually and create exquisite designs, which are then handcrafted to perfection to meet high quality standards. The Adona Mould makers, Setters, Polishers, an in-house gemmologist amalgamated with a rigorous series of inspections ensure exceptional quality work of art. Each diamond we use is colourless to near-colourless (D–I grade colour) with exceptional clarity (FL–I1 grade clarity). This standard of quality applies to all our diamond jewellery — even pieces with the smallest diamonds. We are able to ensure the same due to our tie up with a diamond cutting and polishing unit which allows us to source quality diamonds according to our requirements and send back those that do not meet our the exacting Adona standards.