Certificate of Guarantee

As a guarantee of quality for our products, we provide 6 months free service for any damaged/ defective products.*

*Terms and Conditions

- The product damage is evaluated by our team, and if caused due to defect in manufacturing, we will fix it for you, free of cost.

- The shipping cost will have to be borne by the customer initially, but if the defect in the jewellery is evaluated to be a manufacturing defect, the cost of shipping will be refunded to you

- Please ensure the product is securely packed before sending to avoid any damages during transit. Damages during transit will be the liability of the customer.

- Please mail to us with detailed description and photos of the product and wait for our confirmation before shipping them to us

- We will be happy to fix any other damages to the product caused due to issues unrelated to fault in manufacturing at a nominal cost. In which case cost of up and down shipping will be borne by the customer

- The decision on the kind of damage/defect of the product after thorough evaluation made by Adona diamonds will be considered final

How soon can I get the ordered items?
All our jewellery is handmade at our own unit. Average production time for each piece is 2- 3 weeks.
While certain items will already be available in stock and can be dispatched within 2 days of order, and will reach you in total of a week from your date of placing order. ( the items readily availble in stock will be specificlaly mentioned next to it) Apart from the readily available items in stock, all others will take approximately 2-3 weeks to reach you.
How will I know about the status of the purchase?
Once you place the order, we will be updating you with relevent information on your order. You will get mails
a) when we receive your order
b) when the item is ready to be dispatched
c) shipping details once dispatched
You may also contact us at info@adonadiamonds.com for any queries
What are the Shipping costs?
Any purchases above R.10,000 is free of cost. Purchases upto Rs.10,000 will incur an addition shipping cost of Rs.500 per order
Is the price inclusive or tax or will there be extra tax on the listed price?
The price given for a product is inclusive of 3% tax
How will I get the ordered jewellery? Will it reach me safely?
Our Courier partners are BVC/ Sequel logistics, who are specialised in jewellery and high value items. The products you order are insured and securly sent through them. Once your order is confirmed, be rest assured that the product will reach you without any hassle.
Is the jewellery real gold? If so are they hallmarked?
All the jewellery pieces we sell are hallmarked 14/18kt gold
How can I be sure of the diamond quality of the jewellery I receive?
We use only best quality diamonds in our jewellery. We provide you with a trusted 3rd party lab certificate for all the jewellery pieces with diamonds, which is given only after throughly checking and confirming the diamond quality.
Are the colour stones used natural?
Yes, we use only natural colour stones for our jewellery and hence natural inclusions and colour variontions should be expected in them. The specific colour stone used for a jewellery is mentioned in the description of the piece. You may click on respective link to know more about the colour stone.
Is it possible to customise the jewellery pieces?
We always encourage customised and personalised jewellery. While we will be more than happy to personalise them for you, there might be few limitations for certain work. Please do mail us at info@adonadiamonds.com with your requirement and we will get back to you with details.
Here are few of the many customisations we will be surely be able to do for you
a) changes in size for rings/bangles
b) changing colour of gold between yellow, rose and white gold
c) changes in the style of back screw for earrings/nosepins
Will the jewellery I receive be exactly like in the photo given?
While we strive to keep the pieces exactly the same each time, as all the products are hand made and the stones used are natural, you will have to expect minute differences from the picture and the actual product in hand.
We also try to give you an exact representation of the product with the help of pictures and dimensions, but due to limitations in photography and differences in lighting, you might also feel change in shade of colour stones for certain products.
What if I do not like the product I receive?
If by any chance the product you received in hand does not reach up to your expectation, please email us with 7 days of receiving the product and we will take it back. The amount will be refunded to you within 5-10 working days after we receive the product.
After 7 working days, if you wish to return/exchange the product, you may do so for an entire year and receive 80% of the value of the product for Adona Diamonds items and up to 100% of gold value for Nileena Babu items ( please check return policies for more details)
What if I receive a damaged product?
The product dispatched to you undergoes thorough quality checks before leaving us. But by any chance you receive a damaged product, please inform us through email within 48 hours, along with the photos and we will do the necessary to replace it immediately.
How do I know my sizes for rings and bangles?
Please refer to the sizing chart given to know how to measure you ring/bangle size at home accurately.
13) What if I find that there is some issue with the item after 7 days, even if I had not used it till then?
We provide a 6 months free of cost service guarantee for any defect or damages in our products due to fault in manufacturing. Please refer to 'Certificate of Guarantee' guidelines to know about this more in detail.
What if I break the item while using?
We provide life long service for our items for a very nominal charge. You need to 1st email us the details of the defect with photos to info@adonadiamonds.com and will you guide you with what needs to be done. If the damage can be fixed locally, we will guide you with the same, else if it requires to be sent to.