Certificate of Guarantee

As a guarantee of quality for our products, we provide 6 months free service for any damaged/ defective products.*

*Terms and Conditions

- The product damage is evaluated by our team, and if caused due to defect in manufacturing, we will fix it for you, free of cost.

- The shipping cost will have to be borne by the customer initially, but if the defect in the jewellery is evaluated to be a manufacturing defect, the cost of shipping will be refunded to you

- Please ensure the product is securely packed before sending to avoid any damages during transit. Damages during transit will be the liability of the customer.

- Please mail to us with detailed description and photos of the product and wait for our confirmation before shipping them to us

- We will be happy to fix any other damages to the product caused due to issues unrelated to fault in manufacturing at a nominal cost. In which case cost of up and down shipping will be borne by the customer

- The decision on the kind of damage/defect of the product after thorough evaluation made by Adona diamonds will be considered final

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Divya Baiju

Vasulal, Kannur

"We have had the pleasure of knowing and buying diamond jewellery from Adona Diamonds since 2004. Their designs are truly unique and exquisite. More importantly, they understand their customers well. The quality and timelines of their work is much appreciated. And we can unhesitatingly recommend Adona based on their work done for us."

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Rehana Jacob

Nechupadam, Kolencheri

"Adona has been my go-to jeweler for several years now. Molly and her team show great attention to detail and ensure that every piece of jeweler is designed and executed with precision and care. They take a lot of effort to understand the client and their requirements and I will continue to recommend Adona for their quality and sincerity!"

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Sandhya Baranwal

Entrepreneur, Cochin

"I have been buying jewellery from Adona Diamonds since five years because I love that they have a variety of unique designs and they have good quality diamonds. The jewellery can be worn with western and traditional outfits. Moreover, their customer service is excellent and the ambience of the shop is also good."

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Tessy Raju

w/o Dr.Raju, Nephrologist , Cochin

I have been associated with Adona Diamonds for 11years now. I have purchased lot of items like ear rings, pendants , bangles etc from them which are of good quality . I wish them all the best in their business.

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Muneera Shaju

Designer, Options Alwaye

Adona showcases dazzling diamonds with enviable selection and service! The highly creative mother-daughter duo offer exquisite hand crafted designer jewellery at perfect prices!

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Sunita Tony

Interior Designer Arattukulam Developers, Bangalore

I know Molly from a very long time (more than 15 years) and have been using their products. The designs are excellent and it’s affordable as well. A comparable product will be avaiable in the market only at a much higher price. I strongly recommend all to try their products.

Sample photo

Smitha George


You have an excellent range of collections. I like the humble and polite behaviour of all your staff. The delivery and payment are always systematic and up to date.

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Sheela Kochouseph Chitilappilly


I really like Adona Diamond Jewellery. Their designs are Unique.

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Soniya Abraham


One of our favourite Jewellers! Me, my sister and mom have been using their collection for 3 years. They are absolutely creative and trendy. Their designs are unique.

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Geetha Mahendran


I feel lucky to have found Adona diamonds. Not many vendors possess the capability to offer a customizable jewellery design service based on your specifications. With Adona diamonds it's like a match made in heaven because you get high quality diamond and exquisite creation together

Sample photo

Suja Murali


Personal attention they gave me at Adona, the quality of work and the diamonds used in the jewellery makes me a very happy customer. The work I wanted done was not an easy one but Nileena patiently listened and made sure she understood exactly want I wanted and not only did she deliver it within limited time, the ring came out just the way I wanted it to.

Sample photo

Sunitha Poovathumkal


I was looking for a blue sapphire diamond earring for a long time when I contacted Adona(Binu) with a picture. She was very helpful while deciding how to set the diamonds. After a few phone calls and messages I got a set of beautiful earrings exactly as I wanted with in a reasonable price. I also chose the option for interchangeable stone which Binu suggested as mine is for daily wear. I recommend Adona to anyone and will be back for future diamond purchases

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Gynaecologist, UK

Adona diamonds is not just a name, but something which I could not explain. Opening the door to let in, the gentle perfumed breeze which carries an unexpected thoughts and views breaking the barriers of asperity, subjectivity and distance. The crystallisation of creativity is exhibited. With each time I have experienced a whole lot of hospitality and affection. Their personnel attention, homely atmosphere, simple, humble, healthy deeds, everlasting relationship contemporary quality products to suit all especially 'the new gen'. Above all reassuring reliability, a 100% buy back service. I love it.I wish all the best for the fantastic present and fabulous future.

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Ohio, USA

My fiancé recently bought my engagement ring from Adona Diamonds. We live in the US, which you would think would make buying a diamond from India a lot harder. However, Adona diamonds were with us every step of the way; from helping us pick one of the most beautiful diamonds I could ever imagine to guiding us in the design. Their selection is second to none and their craftsmanship is impeccable. I know we will be purchasing again and again from Adona Diamonds.

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Prabha Krishnakumar


Adona diamonds gold and jewellery are simply adorable.The quality and workmanship are excellent, prices are reasonably competitive. Above all, they have a good collection of ethnic, contemporary and new trend jewellery to cater to all levels. I recommend them to all my friends .