Certificate of Guarantee

As a guarantee of quality for our products, we provide 6 months free service for any damaged/ defective products.*

*Terms and Conditions

- The product damage is evaluated by our team, and if caused due to defect in manufacturing, we will fix it for you, free of cost.

- The shipping cost will have to be borne by the customer initially, but if the defect in the jewellery is evaluated to be a manufacturing defect, the cost of shipping will be refunded to you

- Please ensure the product is securely packed before sending to avoid any damages during transit. Damages during transit will be the liability of the customer.

- Please mail to us with detailed description and photos of the product and wait for our confirmation before shipping them to us

- We will be happy to fix any other damages to the product caused due to issues unrelated to fault in manufacturing at a nominal cost. In which case cost of up and down shipping will be borne by the customer

- The decision on the kind of damage/defect of the product after thorough evaluation made by Adona diamonds will be considered final

Return Policy

If you are unhappy with the jewellery purchased, with respect to size, quality or design, you can easily return the same within 7 days of delivery, by contacting us at info@adonadiamonds.com or 9048969693.

If returning within 7 days of delivery, you will be eligible for 100% refund on the products. The refund will be processed once the product reaches us and the amount will reflect back in your account within 10-12 business days.

Things to ensure for No hassle 7 day return and 100% refund

1) Please be sure to inform us and request for pick up within 7 days of delivery of the product

2) Please ensure to send it back along with original packaging and certificates

3) Please do not alter the product in anyway after receiving

Scenarios where 100% refund will not be applicable

1) If informed 7 days after delivery of the product

2) If the item is customised, applicable amount will be deducted depending on the kind of customisation. ( the same will be communicated when you request for return)

3) If the product has been altered, damaged or shows signs of wear and tear after it has been delivered to you

4) If the item received back varies in anyway from the product delivered

Returning products after 7 days

You may return or exchange all items after 7 days of delivery, up to 1 year, according to the below conditions:

1) All items from Adona diamonds will be eligible to be returned for a maximum value of 80% of the cost of the product ( before taxes)*

2) All items from Nileena Babu Fine Jewellery will be eligible for a maximum value of 100% of value of gold in the item at the time of return

3) The items will be checked for quality ( original hallmarking stamp, diamond quality etc as applicable ) on receiving, before the cash-back is processed.

4) Solitaire jewellery, including ones with colour stones will not be eligible for the above . They will have to be evaluated for the quality and existing market value before determining the eligible cash-back.

5) Once the items received are checked for quality and confirmed, the refund will be processed in 10-12 working days